Learn to Dance!  Not just for weddings.  Walk in the door and get on the dance floor.

Hilary and Drew 2014 dip


Your dream wedding dance is just a few steps away.  Anyone can learn to dance at Dance SPA!



“I absolutely love Dance SPA. The studio looks great, the atmosphere is very inviting….” Sean

“This place is beautiful and full of good energy…Christa is the owner and instructor and she is a ball of energy….” CynthiaEisenberg_0718

“We had a great experience working with Christa for our June 2014 wedding. Neither my now-husband nor I are big dancers but we knew we didn’t want to just sway in place for our first dance. Christa was super flexible in getting us in despite starting our private lessons about 6 weeks before our wedding. We took 4 45-minute lessons, learned the [very] basic steps to a couple of different styles, and got a ton of compliments on our wedding day despite being so nervous about the first dance!”  Sarah M

  Christa_blue3“The first class I went to at Dance Spa was Zumba – everybody wants to try Zumba these days and this is absolutely the place to get a fantastic workout pumped with the energy that ms. Christa never runs out of! Tons of fun and sweat! The classes are made for all levels of experience, so no matter what shape you are in you will get a great work out with no worries of not being able to follow.” Angie

“LOVED the first class I went to. Christa is a great instructor, the studio is beautiful and the class is so much fun. I had never done Zumba before but Dance SPA has me hooked! Cant wait for my next class!” Amanda