Ajanta Chakraborty

Ajanta Chakraborty is teaching Bollywood at Dance SPA.

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Ajanta Chakraborty, Dance Instructor at Dance SPA

Ajanta Chakraborty, Bollywood Dance Instructor at Dance SPA

Ajanta has a Senior Diploma in classical Indian dance form of BharatNatyam from Prayag Sangeet Samiti. She received training  from Stanford Ballroom Dance Team in California.

She has been dancing since age 5 and has performed in numerous shows in both India and US.

After coming to California, Ajanta taught for the major Bollywood dance companies in the area for many years. Her distinction was the personal attention she gave to her students and helped them reach their fitness goals as well as unleash their inner dancer.

She collaborated with famous artists of other dance styles such as Jazz, Salsa, Belly dance etc. and created beautiful fusion pieces that were showcased all over the Bay Area.



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