Body Sculpt with Ed Valdez

Class Description:

“Body Sculpt” is a class designed to create a well balanced body using combinations of movements and disciplines. Class leader Ed Valdez creates new and innovative ways to expand the limits of standard exercise classes. Implementing his own progressive style to help each student realize the potential of  truly visceral experience. Infusing a multitude of musical styles and genre to control the physical and emotional energy in the room .  Edwards class aims straight for your heart and demands your body to follow. Using just your body weight “Body Sculpt,” truly is a unique and fun way to restore a well balanced form.

Body Sculpt with Ed Valdez

SATURDAYS 8:15am-9:15am



About Ed Valdez

Edward has been practicing physical fitness and has been involved in extensive training for almost all of his life. During the past 8 years Edward has actively shared his enthusiasm for fitness with others. Edward has a broad base of experience working 1 on 1 with clients, teaching various types of exercise classes and is an experienced run coach. Through his varied experiences Edward has found success with clients using a very open multidisciplinary style.  Edward incorporates various techniques to try to accomplish a very balanced mind and body. In addition to enjoying helping others in their physical evolution Edward has a strong passion for his own physical aptitude. He enjoys running and cycling daily, strength training, and yoga.  He regularly covers 40 miles a week running with clients and on his own. Edward brings passion and energy to every session.

Drop in class- $15

 8 Class Package- $100

12 Class Package- $140

For more information contact:

Edward Valdez
Certified Personal Trainer
@roadrunner606 – Twitter – Instagram