A perfect day date off the 606

If you are planning a day date with your special someone, we have just the thing!

Imagine yourselves:

Mmmm, a brisk Chicago-Winter walk down the 606, long enough to get warm, short enough to not freeze you’re a** off and then a quick jog down the 1800 block of Milwaukee Avenue.

We’re having a date night. We stop into Ipsento for a warming sip and walk with it to Dance Spa. This night we are meeting with Christa South Hamran, Owner of Dance Spa and provider of the most (in this writer’s opinion) tailor-made dance lessons in Chicago. Previously, we had group classes with the other instructors at Dance Spa; Isaac who has a flashing smile and is warm, friendly and knowledgeable and Andrew, who moves with amazing fluidity and with professionalism and experience, directed us through box step, waltz and salsa!

We spend about 45 minutes with Christa working on Bachata and a bit of disco where we giggle, burn off the cold, learn and towards the end of this session, actually look like we could buy some real estate on the dance floor!

We make our way across the street and down half a block to Red and White, our conversation going between teasing each other about how the other one busted out some pretty fabulous moves and deciding if wanted to stay for small plates or go across the street to Irazu. We decide to buy a bottle and go to Irazu where the smell of plantains smothered in garlic and guacamole is driving us nuts because by this point we’re really hungry!









We have an awesome meal and go back across the street for a light desert and contemplate if we should go to Silom 12 next week when we return to Dance Spa for our next private lesson….or should we skip dinner and go straight to Margie’s?