A Perfect Wedding Day


Flowers, food, a dress, colors, decorations, music, photos and dancing are just a few things newly engaged couples have to think about while preparing for their wedding day.  Couples spend hours, days and even weeks trying to decide on the perfect mixture for their wedding day.  But here at Dance Spa, we want to help you make one of those decisions quickly and easily.  Should you take dance lessons when preparing for your wedding?  The answer is:  Absolutely.


How a dance teacher can help make your wedding day even more perfect.

1. Learn to move in a wedding dress.

Unless you are a runway model or work in fashion, chances are you are not wearing a ball gown or fitted formal dress on a daily basis.  Walking, spinning and sitting in a floor length dress is an art and takes a skill.  A dance instructor maybe the first person to point out a few keys points.

These points include:  Can you sit easily, how wide can you step to the side, should you bustle the back or will you be stepping on your dress while dancing all night, will people step on the dress after a few cocktails, when spinning does the dress move and how much, how far backwards can you step, can you put your arms above your head and the list goes on!

A dance teacher can give you advice and get you moving gracefully with your dress in mind.

2. Parent dances are a tradition at most weddings.

When the couple finishes the first dance a proud father or parent will enter the dance floor to dance with the bride/groom.  Often the bride/groom is left alone on the dance floor awkwardly awaiting a new dance partner.  A dance instructor can help you with these transitions by coordinating placement of all people, suggest music transitions for the band or DJ, and instruct all dancers on how to escort their partner on and off the floor so no one looks foolish or under-prepared for this “all eyes on me” moment.

3. Picture perfect moments.

We have all looked at photos of ourselves and thought, “man, why am I standing like that or why don’t I look as confident as I felt in that moment?”  The answer is clear!  It’s all about your posture.  Taking just a few dance lessons not only will help you on the dance floor, but will improve your photo shoots for your big day.  When learning to dance, posture is a key component.  You might hear shoulders down and chin up from the photographer all day.  A dance teacher can help you find the perfect combo so you don’t look funny or posed.

Speaking of poses, on your dance lessons you will learn dips and other picture moments perfect for the dance floor but just as perfect for great photo moments.  You will feel confident knowing that you practiced  your dip or cuddle many times and it will be the best dip photo that will hang over your mantel for years to come.

4. Learn to dance all night.

Learning to dance doesn’t mean you have to spend hours learning one dance.  A dance teacher can help you improve your presence on the dance floor for the entire night.  Learn a basic wedding dance and a handful of go to moves for the non stop party music all night!  All eyes on you and you will be confident knowing you look great.

5. Song suggestions to help set the perfect mood.

On your wedding day music will play a very important role.  When choosing  music, it is important to select songs that make you and others feel something.  Bands and DJ’s will have song suggestions but ask your dance teacher too!  Dancers have a very important relationship with music and are connected to how it makes the body feel.  Your band or DJ might used the same music for every couple.  If you are having trouble selecting music for any part of your day, since dance teachers work with many different couples each week, they might have some great suggestions.

6. Moves that last for a lifetime.

There will be many more parties, events and weddings in the years to come.  Couples who get on the dance floor together are not only enjoying the party but are celebrating each other.  Many couples take dance moves from their first dance lessons and use them until they are old and gray.  The flowers, the dress, food and music will have all passed and may be forgotten, but a few simple moves on the dance floor will take you back and can be shared together for a lifetime.

Now it’s time to book your first dance lesson!  See you soon.