Performance Team!

Performance Team: Wednesday nights 6:15pm-7:00pm Be on the look out for new performance dates! It’s your time to shine at Dance Spa. Register today for our performance team and be a part of something great! Meet friends, get in shape, have a goal, compete in a ballroom dance competition and much more. Learn exciting choreography … Read more

Merengue March Madness 2019

March your feet to the beat with this high energy social dance and tear up the dance floor! The Merengue is a perfect dance for beginners to feel confident leading and following with just a few basic moves. During the month of March you may find your self watching more hoops on the weekends and need a little something to … Read more

Your Perfect First Dance: Private dance lessons

When it comes to wedding dances there is never a one size fits all.  Each couple has their own idea of what the perfect wedding dance should look and feel like.  But there are a few things that most couples have in common; they want to look confident, they do not want to step on … Read more