Dance SPA owner featured as a top wedding professional.

Dance SPA owner recently featured as a “top wedding professional” in the book, Professional Wedding Planning Advice by Benchmark Publishing Group! If you’re preparing for your first dance, check out Dance SPA.  Dance SPA offers a comfortable environment for couples preparing for their wedding.


Here are a few helpful tips from Christa:


Why should an engaged couple take dance lessons prior to their wedding?

Engaged couples should take lessons prior to the wedding for many reasons.  Most brides dream about twirls and dips on the day of her wedding and many grooms are unsure how to properly lead a twirl or dip.  It is important to look cool and confident on the dance floor or most couples. In just a handful of lessons, an instructor can have the couple moving across the floor and twirling and dipping with ease.  The next important reason is often over looked.  There is a lot of pressure, stress, and tough decisions to be made months prior to the wedding.  Couples have found dance lessons to be fun, relaxing and perfect one on one time during the intense planning leading up to the big day.

How many lessons should an engaged couple typically take, so that they are prepared for the big day, and what will they learn at these lessons?

Anywhere from 3 lessons to an entire year of lessons is typical for wedding couples.  The amount of lessons really depends on what the couple would like to achieve.  A first dance that is simple with elegance will take fewer lessons than a dance with complex choreography.  Most importantly, couples should give themselves time to prepare for the first dance and not cram dance lessons into the crazy 2 weeks before the wedding. 
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