Dance SPA Owner Featured on NBC’s Chicago Fire

#CRUZUMBA!  People are spreading the word about Joe Minoso’s awesome Zumba® class performance on

Season 3 of Chicago Fire.  Dance SPA owner Christa South Hamranova, had the honor not only to participate in the 2 featured episodes, but choreographed Zumba® routines, coached the actors and worked with 30 local Zumba® instructors to create the energy and feeling of an authentic Zumba® class. Everyone worked really hard, encouraged each other and put 110% of themselves into every dance move!


Check out Dance SPA Zumba choreography here!


Here are a few snap shots from behind the scenes of the 2 Chicago Fire episodes.


Local Zumba talent on the set of Chicago Fire
Christa Hamranova with actor Joe Minosa from Chicago Fire
Dance Spa owner Christa Hamranova with actor Joe Minoso on the set of Chicago Fire



Chicago Fire actor Joe Minoso, has a real life Zumba® success story!  According to this article in  Zlife, he started taking Zumba® in 2010 with a friend.  “Fast forward 8 months and Minoso had lost 60 lbs by attending Zumba® classes.  He then went on to become a licensed Zumba® instructor: ‘Having taught classes myself, I have an even greater sense of respect for instructors because I have experienced how hard you have to push yourself when you are up there teaching a class,’ said Minoso”.

Dance Spa was also featured in an article in the Chicago SunTimes about its appearance in the show because we are the hottest place to take Zumba® in Chicago.  We offer eight classes a week to accommodate your schedule.  You will love our “out of the gym” Zumba® classes.  Our Zumba® staff is top notch and will have sweating in no time.  Check out our class schedule here.


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