Wedding Dance Lessons

Your First Dance

Dance SPA will design a personalized wedding dance just for you.  Learn to dance with grace and elegance or impress your friends and family with an all out entertaining show routine.  Whatever you have in mind, we can make it a reality.  Lessons are a great way to have fun and spend one on one time together before the wedding.

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What to expect

On your first lesson we will teach you how to stand tall, move around the floor and look great while in each others arms.  Through out our time together we will walk you through each simple step.  Whether we have three or thirty three lessons, you will look and feel confident on the day of your wedding.  Each dance will begin with an entrance to the dance floor, a dance filled with simple moves that will impress everyone, dips and poses for all of the cameras and a big finish.  Whatever your heart desires, Dance SPA can make it happen.

*Bring your music on your iPod, iPhone or a CD. If you don’t have one picked out that’s OK!  We can talk about different songs that other couples have danced to in the past or suggest popular love songs of today.
*Wear shoes you can dance in.  No flip flops
*Have an idea of the size of your dance floor

Last but not least, give yourselves some time.  Dancing isn’t going to magically happen over night.  Allow yourselves to have fun with it by starting 4 months in advance.  The month before the wedding you will have a ton on your “to do” list, don’t let your first dance be one of them.

Single lessons are $90 for 45 minutes. Special Wedding Dance Packages available.

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