The benefits of learning to dance

This year Dance Spa students competed in the Harvest Moon Dancesport Ballroom dance competition.  The students and staff of Dance Spa took home many first places including a top studio formation award and top male newcomer bronze student! So proud of everyone’s hard work and dedication.

Why did these student choose to compete?    There are 4 main reasons why people learn to dance:

Let’s Get Social:  Learning to dance is a perfect way to spend time with your friends and meet new friends.  Meet up with your friends and dance the night away with just a few basic moves or join a group class series when you move to a move city.  It’s easy to gain confidence on the dance floor at any occasion with a few group or private dance lessons.  Plan a night out on the town or schedule a group private dance lesson 7 days a week at Dance Spa.  Learn to dance will improve your social life and get you off of the couch!


Personal Goals:  Everyone sets goals for themselves and learning to dance is often on that list.  But learning basic dance moves isn’t the only thing people gain from dance lessons.  Confidence, sense of accomplishment, better posture, better understanding of musical rhythm, fun, re-connection with a partner and weight loss can all be additional benefits when learning to dance.  Most people enjoy letting go on the dance floor and find that they are more efficient in their workplace when they commit to something for themselves.  Maybe you want to have better foot placement on the tennis court or gain more physical confidence while giving work presentations, everyone’s personal goal is different but dance lessons can help you achieve your goals.



Health Benefits:  Weight loss or becoming more active is a popular reason for people who want to learn to dance.  We all know that if we move just a little more and get a little sweaty each day, we will start to see physical changes such as muscle tone and strength.  But what about other health benefits of learning to dance?!  Our brain is a muscle that we often forget to exercise.  By learning new patterns, choreography and combinations of moves on the dance floor, you will workout and challenge your brain and help combat brain deterioration.  There is no age limit for learning to dance and you can start at anytime!  Another great benefit is balance and coordination. Whether it’s children playing or adults on icy sidewalks, it’s easy to say we could all use a little more balance and coordination in our lives.


Preparing For A Special Event:  Whether you are a couple getting married, parents of the bride or groom, a wedding guest, or throwing a spectacular birthday bash, everyone wants to rock the dance floor at the party.  Couples learn to dance so they don’t trip over one and other during the first dance or they want to impress friends and family with an special routine!  Parents learn to dance because they want to look great while throwing the party of their lives since their own wedding.  Maybe you’re the birthday girl and you achieved your weight loss goal and want to show your party guest how fabulous you look.


Most recently at Dance Spa, a group of women prepared for their very first Ballroom dance competition!  Each woman had her own reason for participating:  meet new friends, perform as an adult, over come a fear for performing, where sparkles and fake eye lashes and the list goes on!  The best part was that they all had their own personal goal and in the end, they all came together and had a ton of fun!

Whatever brings you to dance, your dance instructor will help you guide you and customize the dance lessons so you can meet and achieve your own personal goals.  Give us a call today and let’s get on the dance floor!


Private lessons are a perfect way to get fit, learn something new, spend time with your special somebody and gain confidence!