It’s Time to Dance: East Coast Swing, Rumba, & Foxtrot

It’s time to put on your dancing shoes and hit the dance floor! No matter the occasion, whether it be for a wedding, a reunion, or just for recreational fun, now is always a great time to learn how to dance.
Need a little help deciding which dance is right for you? The three most popular dances that wedding couples choose are the East Coast Swing, the Rumba, and the Foxtrot. These dances are always a top pick due to their basic technique and ease for beginners. The best part? No matter what your style, these dances are versatile enough to bring out your best characteristics, whether you prefer light and fun, sultry and passionate, or elegant and romantic.
If you’re a new dancer looking for a little simplicity in the steps, then the East Coast Swing is the one for you. Learn the basics of swing dance as you step in time to the beat with your partner!
For those who love the spice of Latin dancing but don’t quite know where to start, try your hand at Rumba. As the slowest of the five Latin dances, you can learn the basics of this box step while you glide across the dance floor. Prepare to feel the heat!
If smooth, graceful movements are your style, then you will love the Foxtrot! Master the technique of continuous, flowing movements as you and your partner charm your audience with a waltz-like dance.
With something for everyone, there is no better place to start your dance lessons. Stop in at Dance SPA today and see why we are the top choice for ballroom dancing in Chicago!