Last minute dance lessons for your wedding day.

“My husband and I wanted to do dance lessons before our wedding, but we were super strapped for time. Christa helped make our dance come together in just one group lesson and one individual lesson – she worked wonders. She has so much energy and spunk, and she makes learning how to not look like a fool during your first dance so easy!”

At Dance Spa, we understand that preparation for the first dance is often set aside until the last minute. If this is the case for you, have no fear; you will not have to do the 8th grade sway for your first dance! If you have 2 weeks or less before your wedding, Dance Spa offers a special hour and a half, day time lesson. During this lesson we will use very basic, but sweet, moves to shape the dance. Even the one lesson can help couples relieve some of the stress and feel more comfortable. The finished product will consist of simple lead and follow sequences and is sure to please the audience.

Wedding photo Brent and Sarah

Don’t wait until the last minute!

Give yourselves sometime and you are sure to enjoy learning to dance. We suggest that a couple take 10 lessons to prepare for their first dance. The idea is for the couple to build muscle memory so they do not have to actively think about their dance on their wedding day. The more preparation time they have, the more natural and confident they will look and feel on the dance floor. As well, with more time, we can teach a few advanced moves that are sure to impress their wedding guests.


Unlike some of the other wedding planning tasks that can be stressful, dancing releases endorphins, making for an enjoyable activity that brings the couple closer together. Since planning such an event can be time consuming, things like date night often get pushed aside or neglected. Many couples find taking dance classes together feels like a date night while also being productive towards planning their wedding. Clients who have taken a few months to prepare their dance have found the experience to be fun and relaxing.

Luke and Brittney 2015

“Christa worked with us to choreograph everything from the entrance to the dance to the exit from the dance floor for our first dance for our wedding. Creating a dance specific to our abilities and design for our skills/strengths took us both through every step and we were two people who never had any formally dance training before…she made every lesson fun!”