Popular First Dance Songs

There are many decisions to make, details to choose and appoints to make while planning your wedding.  Your first dance is just as important as linens, flowers and food.  This is the moment when all eyes are on you at one of the biggest events of your life.  It is important to have a song and dance that fits you and your lives ahead.  Don’t wait until the last minute to decide on a song or cram dance lessons in the week before.  Many couples find dance lessons to be enjoyable and relaxing during a hectic time.


If you do not have a song that you are in love with or has sentimental meaning, you might want to listen to a few of these.  Couples through the years have danced their way to happiness with these popular tunes.  If you love a song on this list but the version is not for you, you can always Google the song title and find another version that speaks to you or is more danceable.  Keep in mind, if you are having trouble tapping your toe to a song….it might be hard to dance to.


Up Beat

Pride and Joy  Stevie Ray Vaughan

Sway  Dean Martin

Crazy Love Michael Buble

Everything Michael Buble

Something Stupid  The Lennon Sisters

Just One Look  Doris Troy

Ain’t That A Kick In The Head Dean Martin

The Way You Look Tonight  Frank Sanatra


Soft and Sweet

Better Together Jack Johnson

That’s All Joanna Wang

A Thousand Years  Christina Perri

Heavenly Day Patty Griffin

True Companion Mark Cohn

Come Away With Me  Norah Jones

Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You  Frankie Vallie


Tricky to Dance to BUT Lovely

Into the Mystic Van Morrison

You Are The Best Thing  Ray LaMontagne