The Big Fake Wedding Vender Highlight: Dance SPA


Vendor Highlight: DanceSPA

A wise woman once said, “Just dance. Gonna be okay.” We apologize in advance for that song becoming stuck in your head for the remainder of the day, but is there really any better motto? Lady Gaga doesn’t think so, we don’t think so, and we have a hunch today’s vendor doesn’t think so either. DanceSPA believes dance to be an incredible connection between two people; with the right tools they are able to transform anyone from “learning” to dance to “loving” to dance. Sign us up! We had so much fun working with DanceSPA at The Big Fake Wedding Chicago, and we couldn’t be more excited to share more about them in today’s Vendor Highlight.

“Christa was so fun to work with and our cast had a blast working with her beforehand. She’s great at what she does!”
The Big Fake Wedding Chicago Team



Tell us a little bit about the story behind DanceSPA.
I wanted to create a nurturing environment where people from every walk of life could learn to dance. Dance can be an incredible connection between two people and I believe that an intimate setting with personalized attention is the best way to achieve that connection.


Who or what inspires you?
I’m inspired by couples that love each other and are able to work together and support each other through dancing. It’s the “team effort” that excites me to jump out of bed each morning and say “I love my job!!” Being able to see clients achieve something that they didn’t think was possible and knowing that I was a part of that is very inspirational.


What is the best part of your job?
The best part of my job is seeing the transformation from “learning” to dance to “loving” to dance. There’s a moment when the music, the lessons, the clients click and they are dancing with joy. Each client learns in a unique way so being able to tailor their dance instruction to what works best for them is another creative avenue that makes me fall in love with dancing all over again.


What advice would you give to aspiring small business owners?
My advice to an aspiring small business owner is to manage expectations and set realistic goals. The cornerstone of any small business is believing in your product. DanceSPA knows that dancing makes your life better – from your head to your toes – and we strive to share that with the community every day.


What is your favorite part of The Big Fake Wedding experience?
I loved seeing our bride and groom looking so happy on the dance floor and watching everyone around them being able to feel their love for each other. The Big Fake Wedding provided a fabulous opportunity for DanceSPA to showcase why we are unique and I feel that all of the guests were able to experience that as well. The other wonderful part for me was meeting other vendors in the wedding industry and making new connections.

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