The Quinceañera 2017

In the Hispanic community, a young lady is granted privileges when she turns 15 years old, such as wearing lipstick, going to the dance clubs, and getting her driver’s license (in Mexico). To celebrate this coming of age, Hispanic girls have lavish parties on their 15th birthday. The celebration is called a Quinceañera.

The celebration beings with a special mass held at a church, where the young lady proclaims she will follow the example of the Virgin Mary. Following mass, there is a party where symbolic gifts are bestowed, such as high heels, and a dance performance is given by the birthday girl. The first dance is typically performed by the guest of honor and her father. Afterwards she performs with her male escort and sometimes with her court of honor(think of a bridal party). The court commonly consists of teenage couples.

At Dance Spa, each Quinceañera dance is custom choreographed to showcase the personality of the birthday girl, while keeping in mind all participants’ dance abilities. We make sure the lessons are fun and the dances impress. We can mix it up by adding some hip hop moves, add a solo so all eyes are on the guest of honor, or do a spicy Latin number. Whatever you chose, we will make it an experience you will cherish and enjoy.

To coordinate and perform a memorable dance requires a lot of practice and dedication. We know it can be a challenge to coordinate the schedules of teenagers, so we are open 7 days a week and schedule lessons at their convenience. Dance Spa can provide video lessons so the dancers can learn at home when they have time. Check out our Quinceañera packages here.