Top 5 First Dance Songs for 2017

Each year Dance Spa works with over 100 couples preparing for their first dance.  The first dance is nothing to stress over!  In fact it should be and is often one of the most fun experiences when preparing for your wedding.  Who doesn’t want to spend 45 minutes with their significant other knowing they will not be pulled away by phone, text, email or a big game on TV?  But some couples are hesitant to start dancing because they haven’t picked a song.


The song choice should highlight the couples personality, compliment a romantic and elegant night or wow the crowd with a jaw dropping and well executed theme or performance.  Here at Dance Spa, we have come up with our top 5 wedding dance or first dance songs for 2017.  If you are still unsure, we have included a link to songs we have suggested and used in the past.  Good lock and remember at Dance Spa, anyone can learn to dance.

Number 5:  The Classic Wedding Dance Song

The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra  Youtube

This song is a beautiful, romantic and  traditional Foxtrot or box timing Foxtrot.  It has a great timing and is perfect for beginners having trouble “finding the beat.”  Most bands and DJ’s are familiar with this song.  It is 3:20 which isn’t too long for a wedding dance.  It can be cut or condensed easily if 3 minutes feels too long.

Number 4:  The Modern Song

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran  YOutube

Although this song was released in 2014, it is still very popular with couples learning to dance for their wedding.  At Dance Spa we have created a variety of dances to this particular song from Night Club Two Step to full out Choreography.  Either way, we can help you create a beautiful and modern dance to this song for your wedding.

Number 3:  The Road Less Traveled

Black and Gold by Sam Sparro Youtube covered by Katy Perry  Youtube

This less traditional and off the beaten path is a great song.  It’s a little jazzy and has a great toe tapping beat. It’s fun to dance to and it is easy to find the beat for beginners.  A few couples have picked this song and had a lot of success.  The lyrics include:

‘Cause if you’re not really here
Then the stars don’t even matter
Now I’m filled to the top with fear
That it’s all just a bunch of matter
‘Cause if you’re not really here
I don’t want to be either
I wanna be next to you
Black and gold, black and gold, black and gold



Number 2:  The Crowd Pleaser

Shut Up And Dance With Me by Walk The Moon  YouTube

This popular pop song has been used by many couples!  This song gets people tapping their toes.  Your guests will want to jump out of their seats and join you on the dance floor.  Many couples have paired this song with something a little more traditional like At Last by Etta James and then surprised their guests with a swing or choreographed dance!  Dance to the first minute and a half, then invite your guests or wedding party to join you on the dance floor.

Number 1:  Modern, Romantic and Sexy

Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur  youtube

This modern song was released at the end of 2016.  It takes you through the highs and lows of a new relationship and into long term life together.  It has a great rhythm that many pattern dances fit to.  It has a good beat for beginners and isn’t too long in length!  Here is Andrew and Christa dancing a slow cha cha to the song.



Remember to pick a wedding dance song that fits you!  This is your day to shine and you should feel good dancing to the song of your choice.  Anyone can learn to Dance at Dance Spa.  We would love to help you prepare for your first dance as a married couple and many more dances for the rest of your life.


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