Unlimited Zumba: The Belly Buster 2017

Unlimited Zumba classes at Dance Spa.  

With holidays coming just around the corner, it’s time to dance off all those cookies with some unlimited Zumba!  Stay in shape this holiday season with our limited time offer: Belly Buster unlimited Zumba classes!

Why is Zumba fitness one of the best Cardio workout classes?

It is FUN:  Zumba classes feature easy to follow dance moves and upbeat music from around the world.  This mixture makes anyone want to tap their toes and get lost in the rhythm.
Dance with your friends:  Zumba classes are a perfect place to dance with and spend time with friends.  Why not kill two birds with one stone?  Get fit, have fun and catch up with a friend at the same time.  Make it a weekly routine and you will see the pounds melt away.
It burns calories:  Zumba classes are based in interval training and is a total body work out.  Each song is choreographed and set to the pace of the music.  We use a fast paced Merengue to get the heart rate up, energetic Salsas to work on your core and many more!  You may find yourself circling your hips and the next moment in a squat.  From head, shoulders, knees and toes Zumba class will have you covered.  Zumba class works the entire body and you will be surprised on how quickly the time flies.

Try our unlimited special and you’ll be hooked!