Wedding Dance Lessons On A Budget

Don’t let a small budget keep you from taking lessons for your first dance; dance lessons are important! Your wedding should be perfect, and that includes impressing your guests with a well executed first dance. You don’t want to be the couple awkwardly doing the Eighth Grade sway on the dance floor, or worse, tripping over each other!

Not only do dance lessons help you look good on your big day, they are also the most fun part of preparing for a wedding. Planning for a wedding can keep you very busy and be stressful! For a lot of couples, dance lessons take the place of date night in the months leading up to their wedding day. Holding each other close and spending quality time together while being physically active helps to reduce the stress of all the planning and makes for a fun experience.

1. Expense it!

Many companies reimburse employees for fitness expenses, which often include dance classes! We have had couples take up to ten dance lessons for free by taking advantage of this perk provided by their work. This opportunity is a great way to improve your physical, mental and financial health, for basically free!



2. Dance with friends

We offer private group dance lessons for $25/person (minimum 4 people). Gather up your wedding party and have them all come and learn with you. You can bring some wine, a few snacks and make a little party out of each lesson. It’s a fun way for your favorite ladies and gents to get to know each other and become comfortable with the party members before the wedding festivities. With a single lesson being $90/couple, a group lesson is a great way to lower your individual cost. Learn More



3. Put dance lessons on your registry

Wedding registries, like Zola, let you compile everything you want in one place. They carry products of popular brands like Cuisinart, Garmin, Vera Wang and many more, from a variety of stores. They also let you create cash funds for expenses like your honeymoon, down payment on a house, and dance lessons! Your friends and family can all contribute to the fund and help you to reach your goal of shredding up the dance floor.



4. Special Wedding Crash Course Double Lesson

Even the one lesson can help couples relieve some of the stress and feel more comfortable. Dance Spa offers a special hour and a half, day time lesson. During this lesson we use very basic, but sweet, moves to shape the dance. The finished product consists of simple lead and follow sequences and is sure to please the audience. Learn More