What is next for my Zumba classes?

ZUMBA CLASSES – What’s next following COVID-19 closure?

Zumba have been suspended, with the exception of virtual classes, since the Governor’s
COVID-19 stay-at-home order went into effect. Due to COVID 19 group fitness classes may not
resume indoors for quite some time. Unfortunately, our lease is terminating and we are in the
process of looking for a new location. Please continue to be patient while we await a lifting of
the governmental restrictions on group fitness classes.
Your safety is important to us. Zumba classes will only be held in a location with adequate
ventilation, sanitization, and proper flooring for dance and fitness. We will provide you with
reopening details as they become available.

What does this mean for my Zumba classes on my account?
Zumba class policy
● Remaining classes on your account will give you access to our online library of pre-
recorded classes.
● Remaining classes on your account also can be converted into private dance lessons for
one-on-one Zumba, social or wedding dance lessons when Chicago moves to economic
restoration phase 4 or 5 and it is safe to resume lessons in a safe studio space.

Refund Policy for Zumba classes
● No refunds will be issued for Zumba classes purchased on or before September 15,
2019, as they expired prior to the studio’s closing due to COVID-19 on March 16, 2020.
● If your class card was purchased after September 15, 2020, and you would prefer a
refund at this time, follow the steps below and we will issue a refund to you, less any
applicable cancellation fee.
● The cancellation fee is 10% of the unused balance or your account or $25, whichever is
less. This fee is waived if your request is received within 30 days after the lessons were
purchased or the cancellation is due to death or disability.
● Refund requests must be in writing and include the following information: the name
under which the classes were purchased and the mailing address to which you want the
refund check to be sent. Please also include your telephone number or email address in
case we need to contact you with any questions.
● Refund requests must be sent by email to dancespasouth@gmail.com or by certified or
registered mail to the following address: Dance Spa, Inc., 1890 N Milwaukee Ave,
Chicago, IL 60647.
● Please allow 30 days to process your request.
Thank you for your support, patience and understanding while we make this transition. Please
do not hesitate to call 773.904.7892 or email dancespasouth@gmail.com with any questions.