First Dance Lessons – What To Expect

Congratulations on your engagement! I’m sure you are excited for the big day and are busy planning out every aspect so everything is perfect. Perhaps you and your fiance have a song that has been significant from when you first started dating, or maybe your relationship has been embodied by the magic of movies like La La Land, or the raw power of emotion in music videos like Thinking Out Loud, or you just want to dance like the Stars in front of your family and friends. Even if you have been watching the YouTube videos of wedding party dances, and want to get everyone involved, it is possible to make it all happen!

Before getting started with your dance extravaganza though, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The Stars practice about 30 hours every week in preparation for each dance, and don’t have to worry about catering, venues, or everyday life


  • Dancers in the movies are professionals who have devoted their lives to moving like that, or are actors who worked very closely with a dancer or choreographer to make your favorite scene perfect


  • YouTube wedding sensations have invested a lot of time and effort into their performances, which is what makes them so spectacular!


This may your dream dance seem daunting, as I’m sure you don’t have 30 hours this week to devote to perfecting The Best First Dance Ever, but that’s where we come in! Regardless of what your exact goal is, we can help:


  • Simplify your favorite complex choreography by focusing on the moments you love most


  • Create a new dance just for the two of you inspired by the dance you saw and loved


  • Identify the skills needed to perform just like the dancers you watched, and find ways to get as close as possible to that without a lifetime of work


From lifts and dips to crazy footwork, everyone will have things that are easier and more difficult, and we can show you how to do what you can, and simplify what is going to take too much work so you can still wow your audience.


Whether you want to do a little Dirty Dancing or create your own show with your wedding party, we can make it happen with a little planning. Begin working on your dance 3 months before your wedding, and plan on at least 10 lessons. In lessons you will have time to describe what you want your dance to look like and share any forms of inspiration you have. Your instructor can then take you through the process of learning and simplifying the original material, or of creating something new. Depending on how much you want to impress people, this can take anywhere from 5-10 lessons, and you of course want the opportunity to perfect your moves together so you don’t even have to think about it on the big day!

With a little planning, the perfect song, and a great teacher, you can have your perfect dance!