Why Choose Dance SPA for your Wedding Dance Lessons?

Planning a wedding can be a lot of fun and preparing for your first dance is part of that fun!  Let Dance SPA help you prepare for your first dance.  We have helped many couples over the years and we can help you too.  Dance SPA is the most intimate and private place to take dance lessons in Chicago.  Our private studio atmosphere allows couples to take over the entire dance floor and make the most of lessons.  Our staff is available for private lessons by appointment and at your convenience 7 days a week.

Whether you take 1 private lesson or 10, we can make you look perfect!  Don’t let your first dance be the last thing on your “I DO, TO DO” list.  Schedule your lessons today!

What People say about their lessons from Dance SPA


“We took private dance lessons with her before our wedding and it was perfect. I can’t believe it, but she actually taught my husband to dance! Christa has amazing energy and tons of knowledge/talent.”  ElizabethChad and Abby3


“Krista your amazing!!
 My husband and I really wanted to do something special for our 1st dance and Krista made it happen. She worked with our schedules and ideas, spliced our music, and taught us the moves that eventually melted everyone’s hearts at our wedding.  She did a marvelous job of taking my husbands 2 left feet and dusting the cob webs off mine in just 3/4days of dance lessons. She is amazing, nice and very very talented. My husband hates to dance, but Krista made him feel comfortable and confident. We pulled off learning 2 choreographed dances for our wedding June 4th 2011. She was very flexible and actually met up with us for 1lesson on Thursday, and 2 lessons back to back on Friday  before the wedding.   The lessons are $$ just like any other place- but her talent is worth it!!  You’ll come out showing your moves to the whole world.”  CarlyIMG_8085


“I absolutely love Dance SPA. The studio looks great, the atmosphere is very inviting, and it’s easy to get to (parking is a breeze!). My fiance and I have begun taking private dance lessons with Christa to get ready for our wedding (I have two left feet) and she has been a GREAT instructor. Her teaching style is positive, energetic and very easy to follow. We have been so impressed that we are going organize a group lesson with our friends as part of a “night on the town” to do something different and fun. We can’t wait for our next lessons and plan to refer friends and family to her whenever we can!”  Sean


We took private dance lessons for 4-6 weeks prior to our wedding to prep for our ‘first dance.’  When thinking about the entire wedding, and everything leading up to the event, our favorite part was the dance lessons with Christa.  She was funny, spunky, a phenomenal dancer and really cared about how we looked on the dance floor.  Her humor never made us feel uncomfortable with our dancing, she actually filled us with confidence.  We can only HIGHLY recommend Christa as she is a true gem!  But book ahead..she is not a secret anymore!  Best part…an email from her after we got back from our honeymoon asking how everything went.  Truly cared about us and we look forward to visiting her often!!  Dennis  lift_wedding Dance







Dance SPA 1890 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago IL 60647   773-904-7892  dancespsasouth@gmail.com to make an appointment.