Why Take Wedding Dance Lessons At Dance Spa?

Planning a wedding can be a lot of fun and preparing for your first dance is part of that fun! Let Dance Spa help you prepare for your first dance. We have helped many couples over the years and we can help you too.  Dance Spa is the most intimate and private place to take dance lessons in Chicago. Our private studio atmosphere allows couples to take over the entire dance floor and make the most of lessons. Our staff is available for private lessons by appointment and at your convenience 7 days a week.

Don’t let your first dance be the last thing on your “I DO, TO DO” list.  Schedule your lessons today!


What People say about their lessons from Dance SPA


My now wife and I just returned from our honeymoon and need to write a review simply to thank Christa at Dance Spa.
In 7 tightly packed lessons she prepped us for our wedding’s first dance. Armed with a killer box step and along with some crowd pleasing drips spins twirls, our first dance was perfect for us and I have no idea how we would have pulled it off without her.


We LOVED Christa! She is simply fantastic! My husband and I wanted to do dance lessons before our wedding, but we were super strapped for time.

Hilary and Drew 2014 dip

Christa helped make our dance come together in just one group lesson and one individual lesson -she worked wonders. She has so much energy and spunk, and she makes learning how to not look like a fool during your first dance so easy! My husband, who self proclaims his disinterest in dancing, even enjoyed himself during the lessons (which was such a nice surprise, since I had to beg him to do them!). Christa definitely goes above and beyond. She even sent us shortened version of our first dance for us to give to our DJ! She is a fantastic teacher, and I would recommend anyone to take lessons from her – you won’t regret it!



If you are looking for someone who can and will get you where you want to be in terms of dancing capacity for your wedding, please do yourself a favor and choose Dance Spa. We want to give this review 20 stars. It still would not be enough to reflect Christa’s efforts and success in turning my new husband and me into dancing darlings for our wedding. Christa listened to our needs, choreographed a TREMENDOUS dance, spliced our music and practiced with us using patience and knowledge that resulted in one of our most shining moments of that day. I am tearing up just recalling it.