Why you should learn to dance Salsa, Cha Cha, Bachata and Hustle!

Dance SPA is just the place to learn to dance this Holiday season.


With the holidays coming up, now is a great time to rekindle the romance with your partner during this festive time. At Dance SPA we offer a variety of fun dances for your ballroom needs, and you don’t need any experience to learn and master them! Four excellent choices for this season are salsa, the cha cha, the bachata, or the hustle!
Salsa is a great choice for couples who love the passion that Latin dances craft. If you dream of spinning around the dance floor and impressing your friends and family with fast steps, then this is the dance for you!
For those who can’t sit still when they hear an infectious song and love to strut their stuff, the cha cha is perfect. Shuffle and twirl in time to Cuban beats or Latin pop!
If you love smooth, sensual movements, then try your hand at the bachata. This dance accentuates the sway of hips and shoulders and pairs perfectly with a relaxed Latin beat.
Disco is not dead! The hustle is perfect for those who love to spin close to each other to the rhythm of some classic tunes. This dance involves graceful arms and an upbeat step!
There’s no time to lose! Sign up for your first lesson with Dance SPA today and see why Chicago is the best city to learn ballroom dancing!