Your Perfect First Dance: Private dance lessons

When it comes to wedding dances there is never a one size fits all.  Each couple has their own idea of what the perfect wedding dance should look and feel like.  But there are a few things that most couples have in common; they want to look confident, they do not want to step on “the dress” or each other and they want to create a positive experience for themselves and their guests!

At Dance Spa we have over 15 years of experience when it comes to coaching couples for their first dance.  Here are a few tips for our 2019 and 2020 engaged couples.

Where do we start?

The best place to start is with an introductory private dance lesson.  On the first lesson your instructor will ask you many details about your vision of a perfect dance.  Then we hit the dance floor!  The instructor will take you through a few basic steps that fit your music selection.

What if we don’t have a song?

No worries!  Most of our couples come in with a few choices and have even changed their song choice at the last minute.  The main goal is to teach you a few basic steps and fundamental dance moves that could get you through a variety of songs.

What if I’ve never danced before but my partner has? 

Lessons are designed with the beginner dancer in mind.  We start from at the beginning and build on both of your strengths.  If your girl loves to twirl, we get her spinning while giving the gentleman something that compliments her moves and vise versa!

How many lessons do we need?

Every couple is different and has their own vision, so it’s tough to say how many you will need.  We recommend starting 3-6 months ahead of time so you can become comfortable with the dance moves and you do not feel stressed or overwhelmed as the wedding day approaches.  Many couples even start a year before because….oh yeah…learning to dance is FUN!  Although we have helped many couples just a few days before the wedding, don’t wait until the minute.  You will have many appointments to squeeze in and you don’t want to worry about squeezing in dance lessons.  Start as early as you can.

We want more than the 8th grade sway.

At Dance Spa we customize each wedding dance for each couple, but we have 3 main ideas that we follow:

  • The Outline:  Together with your teacher, we create an outline.  Just like when you are writing a speech or a paper, you want to gather your content and put it in an order that makes sense.  We begin with a basic intro. (how to enter the dance floor) This can be as grand or simple as the couple wishes.  Then we move on to a few basic moves that show off the couple and move them around the dance floor.  This can be basic or showstopping!  Then the big finish.  We end with a crowd pleasing spectacular move like a lift or dip.  But many couple opt for a simple dip with a smooch for that picture perfect moment.   We build the dance together so it fits your comfort level and your personalities.  This is our most popular option. (5-20 lessons)
  • Choreography:  Some couples want to do an all out crowd pleasing show stopping routine!  Whether couples want to do 1 song or a montage, the Dance Spa team can put together a step but step, count by count perfect routine.  The dance can be simple but choreographed or a Youtube worthy sensation.  This option depends on the couples requests and expectations. (10 plus lessons)
  • Lead and follow:  The couple will pick a song but will not have any set choreography or outline.  The instructor will teach the couple a handful of ballroom/Latin dance steps that fit to the music.  On the day of the wedding, the couple will free style with the steps they have learned during their lessons.  This is the least popular option with new dancers. (5-20 lessons)

When will the first dance happen?

There are two times slots that typically work best for the first dance:

  • As you enter the room for the reception.  Couples will enter the reception to their first dance song, take the floor and begin the dance.  Or couples will enter to an upbeat crowd pleasing song, do a little twirl and then transition to the first dance song.  Either way is great!  Just make sure you have discussed this with your instructor and your music provider so you have a plan and feel confident about the transition.
  • After speeches/during salads or a meal.  With this options, couples typically will take the dance floor from their table.  With this option, couples can choose where to enter and position themselves to begin their dance.

A few other questions you might ask yourself:

Is the cake on the dance floor when we enter the room and will it interfere with our dance?

When will we dance with our parents?

How big is the dance floor and what is the flooring like?

Do we have a band or a DJ and will they play our first dance song?

What is the room set up?  We want everyone to have a great view of our awesome dance moves.

What shoes will I be wearing?

Can I lift my arms above my head in my dress or my jacket?

Do we really need dance lessons?

Yes you do!  Keep in mind, you prepare the ceremony and even have a rough walk through the night before.  Think about your first dance just like your ceremony.  You want to prepare and practice just enough to feel confident, have some flow and prevent any surprises!

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